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Not Good

Big Hole River 2620 cfs (and rising) temp. 57, visibility 2 feet or less

We caught two beautiful brown trout pushing 20 inches today, but that’s all we caught. We had a few more hits on streamers and that was it. There were lots of caddis between Melrose and Brown’s Bridge but very few on the water and no action on top. Steve was booked to float tomorrow as well but I told him to go home and we’ll try it another day. It works good for him as he is only a two hour drive from his home. Some times it really hurts to tell the truth, but that’s the way it is folks.

The weather this Spring has not cooperated at all. First it was really cold and the ice breakup was way late. Now we have these record breaking hot days which is starting to bring off some of the high snow-pack–and there’s a lot of it.

I spoke with Phil Camera at the Prewett Ck. Inn and Fly Shop on the Missouri a few moments ago and he said allthough it’s still running at 6500 cfs, it’s fishing fairly well on caddis and nymphs. If your on it early in the morning, don’t hesitate to dig in your fly box and throw the biggest, ugliest streamer you got.


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