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No Snow at Andros Island

Weather had been ideal for the last two days and the fishing is as good as it gets. My first day had a lot of refusals with the bonefish but spotted a huge barricuda and nailed him. These things are a blast on a fly rod. Today, weather was great and I caught the biggest bonefish in my life measuring at 32 inches. All the bones this time of year are big . I found out from a couple local guides that the small bones don’t feed in the shallow water now so all we are seeing are big boys. As far as I’m concerned this is as good a time to come to Andros as any and I for one am glad I came despite comments from wanna be’s that this was a bad time of year to be here. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I spent the entire day up Fresh Creek and did not see one other boat. I basically had miles and miles of flats all to myself. The next ten days I believe will be awesome. This place is just what the doctor ordered.



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