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Murky Water Fish

windy day, murky water, big fish

Not bad for all the lousy conditions today. We almost bagged it but decided at the last moment to try it for awhile. I did not catch this fish but the guy who caught it didn’t want his picture on the net. Maybe on the most ten wanted or something I don’t know. All I know he was quite a happy camper after getting this hog.  Caught on one of our bunny streamers.

River is now at 3500 cfs and leveling off. It should start dropping again tomorrow.

Like the old saying “don’t know if ya don’t go”

That wave below the dam seems to be leveling off just a little with higher flows.

Update: 5-15  Whoops, I called for the river to level off and it climbed like mad. Oh well, never said I was perfect.


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