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More Fund Raiser

Big Hole River 317 cfs

Since I did the report on the fund raiser for Billy Stockton more and more items have been coming in for the live and silent auction. Christie from the Antlers Saloon up in Wisdom (home of the best pizza in Montana) donated a new H&R 12 gauge shotgun. My old client and friend Steve Tate gave a Scott G series fly rod. These are just a few of the items given.

Last word I got from Linda is that Billy will be there.

Now for the fishing report. It’s getting tougher and tougher to get these trout on top water. Allthough Roger got a 20 incher yesterday evening on a #18 adams. John and Margaret were there to back up the story and measurement. As for me yesterday most of the activity was with hopper and dropper again with most all action on the dropper. This weather has been unreal with temps in the mid 80’s just about every day. The extended forecast looks like about Tuesday of next week this weather pattern is going to change with clouds, cooler temps and some rain. Look out dry fly purists—here come the streamer junkies.


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