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Montana To The Bahamas

Big Hole River 1610 cfs

We took a short trip down the river this afternoon to test the water and to try out some of those new Delektable fly’s. In a short period of time Andrew hooked up with a nice rainbow and had several more hits. I thought this is going to be great fishing, but as quick as it started it turned off. For the rest of the way it was very sporadic. We did get some top water action on a skwala pattern but they quit on that also. Bright sun and a cool breeze didn’t help. The water temp. is rising and with every passing day it will be getting better. Visibility is about two feet and improving.

I walked down to the pump station dam again this evening to watch the bows and cuts trying to get over and they were still hard at it. Some make it over with ease and others hit that concrete wall so hard you would think it would knock them goofy.

My roving reporter on Andros Island said they went up to the Joulters today and the fishing was just ok. Lots of bonefish but no big ones and surprisingly there were quite a few other boats up there. Some came from mother ships anchored out in deeper water. Tomorrow they are going back up Fresh Creek where they got into the bones, tarpon and permit the day before. That’s what I would do if I was there and I would keep going back until I hit all three.


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