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Merry Christmas From The Big Hole Valley

The weather here has been crazy. It has gone from record low’s to a balmy fifty degrees today. Their is a stretch of river a couple miles long near Dewey that never freezes and the fishing along there the last couple days has been good. Who would think that last week the temp. was minus twenty and today you would be fishing in shirt sleeves.

My sister e-mailed me after reading that entry about the fella that tried to catch a sea crab with his fly rod. She said she had one of those “I should have known better moments recently”. She went to the grocery store and somehow between the store and her condo she lost the turkey. Now most turkey’s are fairly heavy and one would think that if it was missing from the grocery bag it would be promptly noticed. She declined to comment any further about the missing turkey caper. This is a mystery to me and I think it calls for some further investigation. If anyone has seen an abanded turkey in the Chicago area, please contact my sister. Maybe she should have just got a ham.

This Christmas Eve on the Big Hole River is pleasant and peaceful. I hope it is the same where you are.


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