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average brown trout

Big Hole River 2080 cfs

This Sunday evening the river is dropping but that could change big time in the next couple days. That pic of the fish was a couple days ago and it was typical of most of the fish we caught that day.

Forecast is for heavy snow and or rain tomorrow and next day. Then warming to the 60’s mid week. Those conditions could blow out the river. Will just have to wait and see how much rain, snow we get. The fishing today is just fair at best with visibility down to about a foot.

From Andros Island the only report I got from Sean and Tony is their first trip to the west side they had shots at tarpon and big permit but no hookups as of yet. Stupid bonefish over there were plentiful. They had another trip planned to the west side but I have not received a report on that as of yet.


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