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Lots Of Fishing

Big Hole River 1440 cfs

Computer at the house in my little room upstairs with a view of the river took a dump. No idea what’s wrong with it but I do know the hammer did not fix it’

A few days ago we took a R&D trip to the Jefferson. It was a bright breezy day which is not the best conditions for streamers. We caught about ten but we really worked for them. Betweem Art, The Big Labowski and myself we were getting them in the right places in the tight pockets and stuff but it was a long time between fish.

Yesterday we went from Fish Trap down and I won’t do it again this season especially in a drift boat. Many parts of the river there are now wide and shallow and nonproductive. The deeper runs inbetween are still good and I will say very good. Not many brown trout caught but lots of nice bows.

Evening fishing has been great in most stretches of the river.

My neighbor Bryan told me I missed a good one last week by the diversion dam across from the house. This guy was in a pontoon boat and decided to try to float over the second wall with it. The back wash got him and flipped around a good many times before spitting him out. Bryan saw hiim staggering up the bank flopping down on the ground. His legs were all bloody from the beating the river gave him for trying such a stupid stunt. When he went to help him he said it was quite obvious he was pig drunk. I did see the guy later that day when his friends picked him up. I asked him what the hell happened to him. He babbled that the river tried to beat him up but not only tried but whupped him good. He didn’t appear to have any serious injury’s just a lot hide missing from his skinny white legs where the river was pounding him against the wall. Bryan noticed a big blue bag floating below the dam and asked him if it was his. He stared at it for some time and finally said no. Later Bryan retreived the bag and it was full of empty beer cans. At least the guy wasn’t a litter bug.


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