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Lost Rods

Big Hole River 6580 cfs——Maidenrock

The other day, John Dobson who is the rep for Scott Rod Co. stopped by the shop. I told him the story about the lost rods and their recovery. He was quite impressed with the unknnown person who returned the rods. He walked out to his van and came back with a Scott rod and said “if you find out who sent the rods back, give this to him”. So if you are the person who sent them back all you have to do is call me and describe the rods and the reels with them and I will give you a brand new Scott A3 9ft. 5wt rod. I thought this was a hell of a nice gesture on the part of John  and Scott Rod Co.

Now as  to which fish was bigger, the Big Hole brown was acttually quite a bit bigger.

Weather is finally warming up with forecast for mid 70’s this week. You know what that means. By the end  of the week the big bugs should be appearing.

The river is  dropping at a rate of almost 500 cfs a day. Visibility is excellent. Most fisherman have been going up river but the mid and lower should start to improve quite  a bit. Streamers and nymphs have  been the ticket with  some pmd action in the back waters on top.


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