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Lost And Found

Big Hole River 2220 cfs–Maidenrock

Still have not heard anything about those two rods left at Silver Bridge a few days ago. Another gentleman called and said he left his rod at the Dewey access yesterday. It’s a custom built Powell–Matt McKennan 2000. If you come across these rods please call the shop. As I said before, it’s the right thing to do. Today I found a rod at the Pump Station dam. It’s a rather high end rod. If it’s yours, give us a call and describe it and you can have it back. And no you can’t make a wild guess as to what it is cuz I want to know also what fly’s it has with it.

This weekend there were lots of boats on the river. The flow has come down and it’s probably the nicest weather we have had so far. Many of the boats were just pleasure floaters enjoying the river and soakin up some rays.

Dry fly fishing is getting better and better. Mayfly patterns, stimos, caddis are all working.

Forecast for the next few days is more of the same with highs up to 80 and lots of sun.

For those of us who were starting to think it would never happen, I do believe summer is here.


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