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Local Dining

Big Hole River 386 cfs

I frequently get asked by fisherman who are not from the area where there is a good place to eat.

I’ll start down river with Debbie who owns the Hitchin Post in Melrose. You would have to travel a long way to find a better steak than she has. Burgers, fish and a full menu are to be had there. Debbie is a rancher lady so you get ranch style portions. Starting in mid June and through most of the summer there is normally a large dinner crowd so you might want to go early.

Going upstream to Wise River, Ron and Audrey are the new owners of the H-J saloon and resturant. Audrey does a great job in the resturant offering a full menu. She also has specials on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

There are also new owners of the Wise River Club. I have not eaten there as of yet but have heard good things about it.

Further up into the Big Hole Valley in the town of Wisdom, the Antlers Bar makes the best pizza in the state of Montana. If you don’t believe me, take a drive up there some time. Tour the Big Hole Battlefield and on your way back stop at the Antlers and order a pizza and you will know what I’m talking about.

For the ultimate in fine dining in this part of the state the Uptown Cafe in uptown Butte is terrific in my opinion. I’m usually a steak and potatoes man and don’t consider myself to be a great culinary critic, but I know good food when I eat it. Last week was my first experience at the Uptown Cafe. I took my friends, Jim and Sandy there to treat them for taking care of Amos (great pyrenees dog) all winter. We each ordered a different entree and each was excellent. It came as a four course dinner with several choices for the side dishes. It was also the first time for Jim and Sandy and they were very impressed. All in all the food and service was super.


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