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Latest Report From Hank On Andros

Good morning, it is now 6:30 am and it looks to be a beautiful day with lots of sun and very light wind which is out of the sse at about 2 mph. I’am working on the Blue Jay as the steering is frozen. I had to take it all down and I have to service all the boats and get them ready. People will be arriving later this month and from then to the end of April it will be quite busy.

Three flats boats left the dock this morning to go bonefishing and I will let you know how they did when they return.

We will be going to the buoy tomorrow. Speedo will take his boat and I will take mine because of the new fishing laws you can only have six fish in the boat unless you are Bahamian so any fish he catches he can put in my boat. The weather is supposed to be good for the next couple days so we better catch some fish as my freezer is almost empty.

Today is Thursday and the wind is blowing at about 8 to 10 knots so I decided to take my little boat “Hanky Panky”. We left Autec at 7:00 am and decided to go straight to the buoy. After we reached High Cay it started to get rough so we started to trowl. In about 20 minutes we hooked into a wahoo and 10 minutes after that we had a double header dolphin so I did what you always do and left one on to keep the school near the boat. I put a piece of bait on a spinning rod and within seconds a 30 to 40 pound dolphin took it.I played him for about 20 minutes and he threw the hook. I was so mad because I knew the hook was too small but I was in a big hurry to catch that big dolphin and I did not take the time to change the hook. We finally reached the buoy and there was another boat there and they were casting with fly rods. One guy hooked into something and fought that fish forever. After about 30 minutes he lost the fish. It’s crazy to fish at the buoy with a fly rod as you don’t know what you will hook into. We saw those fisherman at the resturant and they said they had on a tuna. We also caught a small tuna and that thing fought like a blue marlin. We had a very good day and now I have lot of meat in the freezer.

Speedo’s birthday is on Wednesday so we are going to have big party.

I will keep in touch,


As you can probably figure out, Hank does not fly fish and when he goes fishing it’s to fill the freezer at the resturant. My mouth waters right now at the thought of fresh wahoo, dolphin and tuna. As for the fly fisherman at the buoy, it sounds like a hell of a lot of fun to me. When I was there in December Hank and I went to the buoy a couple times looking for those schools of dolphin so I could cast a fly to them but never found them. The only problem he has with using a fly rod out there is that it takes way too long to boat them and he’s looking for groceries. Rest assured that when Art and I get there in March we will (if weather permits) be going out to the buoy with fly rods in tow. Art has a new Scott 12 weight which will be perfect for those bad boys out there. This buoy is off the wall in the Tongue Of The Ocean where it’s about 6000 feet deep.


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