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Just Plain Nice

Lots of sun, temps. in the high 70’s and low 80’s, and light wind. What more could you ask for? Only problem was today the bonefish were hard to find, at least up the creek. And the ones I found were real spooky. One old timer told me it was the west wind. Even though it was just a light wind he said any time the wind is out of the west it makes for tough fishing here and that includes the flats and offshore. Another told me it was the moon. That’s one I also use back in Montana when the fishing is slow and their is a full moon. Something like, well no wonder the fishing is slow it’s a full moon or almost a full moon and the fish are feeding pretty much exclusively at night.

Reports I got from people snorkeling and spear fishing out on the reef today were great. Good visibility and lots of shots at hog fish but just a few scales to show for it—-doesn’t make for very good soup. Remember the season is closed for Nassau grouper and if your caught with one the fine is huge.

Tommy and his client are heading for the west side for a couple days and can’t wait to get a report from them. As for me, as soon as my friends from Red Bays get back from their lobster fishing excursion I’m back over there to fish with them.

Hate to say it but as warm as it is tonight I just might have to turn the A/C on.


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