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Just a little cool

Big Hole River 805 cfs—-Maidenrock

I don’t think the temp. got up to 57 like they predicted today or I have become a real _____, well I won’t say it. Fact of the mattter is this afternoon with the cold rain and wind I did get cold. Thoughts of Andros Island were going through my head big time.

We did pick up some nice fish like the one in the photo. I will have to admit we did have to go to the dark side for awhile. However we also had some good top water action when the rain generated a baetis hatch and the fish were right on them. It didn’t last very long but was fun while it did.

Forecast for Sunday and beyond is much warmer—-about time. Of course the next thing we will be bitching about is that is too hot, oh well.


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