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June rollercoaster continues

This month has been an interesting one in regards to the river flows, storms, temperatures and water conditions. The storm we had about 2 weeks ago dumped 2.75 inches of rain and spiked the river to nearly 7,000 cfs at Mudd Creek. Following that the river started a long slow drop for about 10 days. Then the next storm came, and we are back on the rise. The good news is this storm hasn’t dumped as much rain, so the river is slowly rising rather that jumping up in a pattern that reminds us of the outline of Fitz Roy.

June flows on the Big Hole River @ Mudd Creek

So what does this mean for the next week or so of fishing? As soon as the temperatures warm back up, we should hopefully be back into a mid-morning PMD hatch, as well as some yellow sallies during the day. There is a small chance that the golden stone hatch will resume. The evening caddis hatch has been pretty good too, especially from Jerry to Silver Bridge. Take advantage of a very floatable river; we are seeing floaters from Mudd Creek clear down to Notch Bottom, which is spreading angler pressure out across the entire river. The diversion dam below Silver Bridge is still causing problems, watch for flows to get back below 3,000 cfs for an easier float through the Pumphouse.

The good news about the crazy June weather is that the river flows should be fantastic for July fishing. With fresh snow in the peaks, we should see cool water hitting the river and keeping our flows above average. The long-range forecast shows temperatures in the mid to high seventies over the next couple of weeks.

Suggested nymphs: Psycho Prince, Dbl Bd Slim Shady, Psycho May, Wire stone Suggested Dry flies: Micro Chubby – Gold, Purple Water Walker #12, Delektable Twisted Sister #12 & 14, Peacock X Caddis #14 Suggested Streamers: Sparkle Minnow JJ #8, Pumpkin Bugger, Beldar Rubber Leg Olive, Sculpzilla – Natural #8


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