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Incorrect Reporting

I just listened to the NBC-KTVM news at 6pm. They reported the only stretch of the Big Hole that was still open to fishing was from the mouth of the North Fork to Dickie Bridge—totally wrong. FWP closed the stretch from Melrose Bridge down. However it is still open from Dickie Bridge to Melrose with no restrictions, approx. 35 miles.

Of course I contacted KTVM and the FWP to get their facts straight.

If you want the latest and most accurate condtiions all  you need to is log on to

Funny story–On the previous entry with me holding that nice rainbow you can’t see what happened to my behind. I walked down that grass to the water to release the fish. My feet slipped out from under me and I sat directly onto a fresh pile of Red Angus bullshit. And it was a big pile. I have washed those jeans three times but that fresh stuff just don’t go away. The things a fishing guide has to go through.


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