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Huntin and Fishin

The temp. today got up to a balmy 60 + degrees and forecast for even warmer tomorrow. These conditions make for some really tough elk huntin but the fishin has been great. Nymphs, small dry’s and streamers in the evening have all been catching fish and some really nice ones at that. I’ve been taking my rifle for a walk the last couple mornings and it’s been a nice walk. Yesterday I saw three squirrels and today I saw five so things are looking up.

Art and Roger just got back from fishing and they said it was super. They said they caught around 40 fish in just over an hour???? Like the old saying: most fisherman are liars except me and you and sometimes I doubt you. They also said the smallest was 17 inches. I guess if your gonna lay it on you may as well lay it on thick. But then maybe they were telling the truth.


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