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Hungry Deer

Big Hole River 1000 cfs.    Afternoon water temp. 46

At first light this morning I looked out the kitchen window and was almost face to face with a couple mule deer. That fresh green grass is popping up next to the porch where the sun wams things up and that stuff is like candy to these guys.  We stared at each other for a few seconds and then they just popped over the fence. Amos was also looking at them and never made a move like as if to say they are here every night lately.

The river is in great condition with improving visibility. Cool conditions but good fishing.

A guy e-mailed me to report he left his Lumix digital camera, black and silver at the Divide access. If you happen to find it please drop it at the shop or call Garrett at 422-4426.

Through the season many items are lost or misplaced at access sites along the river. If you find one of these items such as a fly rod or what ever, do the right thing and try to find the owner. One day one of those items might be yours.


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