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Hopper, Dropper

Big Hole River 468 cfs —that’s about 40 cfs above the 80 year average at the Melrose station—-ain’t it sweet.

Today is the first day we had good success with a hopper dropper combo. I’ve tried hoppers here and there for the past couple weeks with a few slappers and such but today we got some nice brown trout on them. It was about half and half on top and under. I really hate to admit this after I got Pat sold on the purple haze but they didn’t work worth a dam today. Also Pat if you have never done the streamer thing you are missing one of the finer things in life and I suggest you get after it before it’s too late. Trust me on this one and you will thank me later. Just before noon today there were a few tricos, not the big clouds of them yet but soon. Also at that time the fish were lookin for the little guys and a griffith’s gnat got browns, rainbow and whitefish all in the same area. You gotta take what the river gives ya.


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