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Hit and Miss

Bighole 313 cfs Beaverhead 122 cfs Jefferson 534 cfs

As the title suggests it was that kind of day. We started off with an 18 inch brown right at the landing on a streamer. A nymph dropper picked up fish here and there but nothing consistent. Every time we came to a good run I would have Tom swing a streamer through it even though it was bright and sunny. He picked up a nice brown on it and had a few more whack at it. Jim had never had a fly rod in his hand before this morning and after a crash course on casting I told him not to expect to catch a fish at all today but to concentrate on his technique. By the end of the day he had caught fish on nymphs and dry’s. Nothing spectacular but a couple brown’s, a couple rainbow’s and a couple whitefish. He found out that when you present the fly properly, it will produce.

As I mentioned in an entry some time ago when your on the river a lot you witness all kinds of things. As I was anchored up and changing some fly’s with my head down there was this huge splash no more than fifty feet from the boat. It sounded like a bowling ball was dropped in the river. A bald eagle had crash landed in the river right in front of us to get a fish. He floundered in the water a bit to secure his catch and then had to kick his turbos in to get air borne again. Quite a sight and I didn’t even charge the guys extra to see that.


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