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Big Hole River 255 cfs

My good friend  and legendary Andros Island guide Herman Bain is here now. He will be in the Divide area for about 2  weeks. If anyone wants to meet with him or book a trip, call me or email and I will set up a visit. He is not here to fish or to promote his business but as he says, just relax and eat Montana beef steak.

Fishing on the Big Hole remains about the same. Good in the mornings and slow in the afternoon. I was on the Beaverhead yesterday and top water action was almost nonexistent. We got a couple eats on a para hopper and a few on mayfly patterns but that was it on top.

I have heard rumors going around that I bought my old fly shop in down town Divide. Let me put the record straight and tell you for a fact, those rumors are true. I closed on the deal over a week ago. In previous years I had leased that building and then the lease ran out. Now I own it. Having the shop here by the house has been very convenient but since they closed Silver Bridge at the other end of Pump House Rd. business has slowed considerably. So next Spring we will be opening in beautiful downtown Divide.


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