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Helluva Day

Hank and Al boating a big bull shark

Well it was another day with the competition again fierce. The results were about even—–until.

We were at the dock cleaning our catch of the day when these three big bull sharks showed up. Hank said he was going to get his big rod. I knew they would hang around with the smell of blood in the water. These things are so aggressive it’s unreal. He put a piece of fish on his hook, threw it out in the water  and in a second one of them ate it. The fight was  on as it headed  out to the channel . I untied my boat, Hank jumped in and we gave chase out to sea, or I should say it towed us out to sea. After a long time and with Hank about to expire, we got it next to the boat, grabbed the leader and released it.

So I guess I’ll have to admit, Hank got the biggest of the day.

Just another fun day here on Andros. Great weather next few days so we will be at it again.


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