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Hard Aground

There is a big boat in the harbor, well big for this harbor and he is loaded with big fuel tanks, tractors, trucks etc. He has been jockeying around for the last two hours trying to back into the dock and he jockeyed just a bit too much with this low tide and is now hard aground and not too many feet from Audrey’s boat.

Just finished chowing down on fresh cuda that Don caught today. It was a nice one about 40 inches. John had all the fillets on a platter and after we ate our fill there were some Bahamian lady’s who finished off the platter. They had already ordered their dinner but when they found we had cuda they couldn’t resist that also. The Bahamians love cudas.

Weather was pleasant today but we only had good visibility with the sun for about an hour or so. We just got on a flat in the back country and started seeing fish when the clouds came over and we were screwed mon. Dennis got a nice amber jack out of the blue hole north of Beef Cay.


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