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Happy 4th

Big Hole River 2920 cfs—-Maidenrock

This holdiday weekend is now winding down and for many the weather was not much to their liking. The morning of the 3rd I woke up just at day light and couldn’t figure out why I was so cold. Then I Iooked out the open window across the valley toward Nez Perce ridge and it was solid white with fresh snow.

Saturday fishing was good for most and on most stretches of river. Sunday it was slow and this morning it was slow. However late this afternoon is hot. Amos and I just got back from a little wade trip above the house and the top water action was super. There was a little hatch going on and a big attractor with a cripple behind it were getting lots of action.

Conditions could not be looking better for the river and weather in the upcoming days.

Just talked to a couple friends of mine who said they had a fish come on a big attractor fly that had to be 30 inches. These guys are good fisherman and no bs.


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