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Hank Fly Fishing??

That’s right folks he has finally seen the light and picked up a fly rod. For some time he has been hinting about this fly rod someone gave him and that he should try it some day. The other day he was talking about it so I told him to dig it out and I would set it up for him. It’s an off brand 7 wt that’s pretty noodly but it’s his. We went to the end of the dock for some lessons and in a very short time he was casting that thing 35 feet into the wind. Yesterday we went out with the boat where I poled him around. It was really windy and he never got a very good shot. He was however very willing to let me pole him as long as I wanted. All the while out there he was practising his casting and improving all the time. I think now I have created a monster and he’s already talking about how he is going to let Don and some other people pole him around. I asked him what if they don’t know how to pole? His answer was a very simple “well they just better learn how to”


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