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Great Lunch

Big Hole 232 cfs Beaverhead 266 cfs

I normally get my shore lunches from the Hitchin Post and there are usually very good. Today was above and beyond the call of duty. I ordered lunches for nine people and she make enough fried chicken for twenty. The only complaint I have is that one of my guides who picked up the chow, took my bag that contained the home made potatoe salad, cookies and fresh strawberrys. He is now officially on probation for the rest of the season. My clients graciously offered me some of theirs but I declined as I was enjoying pouting while devouring numerous pieces of chicken. How’s that bugger man?

Dave and his daughter who were in my boat had never had a fly rod in their hand before today. I told them right from the git go not to expect to catch a fish but to concentrate on their technique. Dave boated about half dozen and his daughter should have, but as a twelve year old her attention span was a bit limited. She learned the basic cast very quickly and next year she’ll do fine.

Forecast for tomorrow is hot with rain showers and much cooler for the next few days. Fish the trico hatch in the morning and forget the afternoon.


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