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Great Last Two Days

The weather today was great and it’s going to be even better tomorrow. Speedo and Lulu went along again today and we kind of leap frogged flats. I had them drop me off on a certain flat while they went on to another. I would work the flat to the point where they had anchored the boat and then jump in the skiff and take it down to the end of the flat they had fished. It worked out great as Iwas into fish almost immediately at the point they dropped me. I caught one big one that made a fatal mistake. It started to head out in deep water in the channel which they rarely do. I couldn’t turn him and when I finally did and started to horse him back as much as I could there was a big swirl and splash and he was gone. It must have been a shark as a cuda will usually leave the head. There was nothing left but my frayed tippet. Speedo and Lulu ran into two schools with some big fish on the flat they had worked. Lulu came very close to catching a huge bone I spotted tailing on the lee shore. This was a big fish as his tail and dorsel were sticking way out of the water and this did not help as I told her to just stay calm and take your time.

Right now the sea is almost dead calm and it promises to be a banner bone fish day tomorrow with lots of sun, light wind and a high temp. of 82. I haven’t checked the conditions in Montana and I don’t want to. I want to enjoy the last day here and not think about it.

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