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Great Day

Big Hole River 2280 cfs

Almost every fisherman I talked to said they had a terrific day today using salmon fly patterns. Many of them also reported catching quite a few fairly large fish. A torrential down pour occured late this afternoon up river and caused it to muddy up a bit for awhile. This was caused by a freshly plowed field just above Dewey where that down pour happened and some of the top soil being washed in the river. It didn’t last long as an hour later it had cleared up.

Now for tomorrow it’s hard to predict what the fishing will be like. The high temp. is for only 50 degrees with the snow level dropping to 6000 feet—-imagine that. The river is also presently on the rise. I don’t mean to scare any body off but I don’t think you’ll need the sunscreen or the bug dope tomorrow.


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