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Good Times

Big Hole River 950 cfs

Had my first guide trip yesterday since coming back from Andros Island and it was a good one.

I told the guys before we started that streamers would be the way to go. They were happy to hear that as they were streamer junkies as well. We started out with Adam trying the old pumpkin bugger. Right off the gitgo he tagged up and in the first 15 minutes he had 4 fish close to 18 inches. David was using an olive streamer he had tied up and was just about to change when he started to hook up. For the first couple hours the fishing was hot. Later in the afternoon it slowed up considerably on stramers. Other guides I talked to said they did fair in the afternoon on skwala patterns.

The river is still in great condition and the forecast for today is for sun and high of 60. Cooler the next couple days with highs in the upper 40’s and clouds—-perfect bugger weather.

It was my first trip of the season so that’s my excuse for forgetting the camera. But more serious than that, I forgot my lunch.


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