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Good Reports

Big Hole River 652 cfs

The river is rising slightly but the reports from the last few days have been excellent. Some students from MSU floated the river saturday and were caught in that snow storm but they said despite being slightly uncomfortable the fishing was great. The guys from Whitehall floated monday and they called me the next morning with rave reviews. They said they caught between 20 and 30 fish and all ranged from 15 to 20 inches–that’s good fishin. Streamers with a nymph dropper have been the most productive.

Work began in full force today on rebuilding the Blue Moon next to the shop. Most of the old ashes and junk have been hauled off with clean fill material being brought in. Larry and Ann Bugni have purchased it and have great plans for it including serving bbg ribs. Their projected opening date is July 1st.


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