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Good Fishin

Big Hole River 565 cfs Beaverhead River 389 cfs

I just got back from Denver where I went to see my brother. In the last couple months he has gone through more surgery’s and medical treatments than the average person would go through in three life times. There are still problems but the long term prognosis looks good.

While I was gone Roger has been fishing almost every late afternoon and says it has been excellent. Actually he said it’s been the best fishing of the entire year. Most of the action has been on egg patterns which would make sense as the browns are still in full spawning mode. He said one particular pattern we have from Montana Fly Company was outstanding. He claims he was getting a fish on every cast and not little fish either with all being 14 to 20 inches. I told him to look me straight in the eye and tell me that again. He did and there was not a nervous twitch or the ole give away side eye. Unless he was on drugs he was telling the truth. Forecast for the next few days looks good for this time of year.

As long as the fishing and the weather stays good we will keep the shop open.


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