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Get Tough Or Go Home

Big Hole River 2210 cfs

Yesterday morning conditions looked pretty bleak to say the least. There was heavy frost so the remaining salmon flies were gone, frozen or headed south. It was clear, cold and windy. Things were so bad we even had to go to the dark side for awhile, but not for long. The clouds rolled in and it didn’t take us long to go to streamers. Bobby had first hookup on a fat 20 inch brown using the same streamer that Doug got that 25 incher on.

In the afternoon more clouds moved in, tempeture dropped, started to rain and the wind picked up. It was damn cold and I was thinking of booking my trip to Andros early. However that rain did bring some light to the situation—big time. It generated a baetis hatch and for the rest of the afternoon it was dry fly fishing at it’s finest. Fish were coming up all over the place. I will post pics as soon as Bobby sends them to me along with another huge grayling.  Even with the good top water action, Tad elected to stay with streamers looking for the big boys. At the end of the day he had boated about ten of those big fat browns.


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