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Full Cooler

Early morning looking over  Fresh Creek Harbor with serene calm conditions.

Kinda makes you want  to get your fly rods ready and head out to  the flats. Perfect morning to spot tailing bonefish. But it’s a little cool this morninng so I’ll wait awhile.

After yesterday I’m kinda fished out. Mutton Fish Gogie  and I  went outside along the reef. Now as I probably mentioned  before, Gogie doesn’t know a thing about fly fishing. But if you want  fish for dinner, he be da mon. We went quite a few  miles south and conditions could not have been better. Just a slight breeze  out  of the south. We did about a  half  dozen drops, mostly concentrating around coral heads. What a day we had. We came  back late  afternoon with the big cooler full of fish. With five or  six big mutton snapper followed by numerous yellow tail, grunts, porgies and trigger fish. Hank was in his boat nearby and also filled his cooler. You should have been there.


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