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From Andros Island

The flight getting here was a bit long and frustrating but I finally made it. The service on Western Air from Nassau to Andros has diminished drastically. I e-mailed them 3 times to reserve a seat and when I got there this morning they said I was not on the list and the plane was full. At the last moment they said they had a seat available and I just made it. So I’m here at Hanks having a Kalik and glad to be here.

I went out today for a few hours just to check out the boat and of course to see if I could find some bones for future reference. After poling for just a short time I was amazed at how many fish I was seeing. This called for putting out the anchor, grabbing my fly rod, abandon the boat and have some fun, and what fun I had for the first day here. I hooked into four big ones, broke two off and landed two. The wind was blowing out of the east at about twenty which made for some difficult casts but with the chop I was getting really close to the fish and most casts were no more than 30 feet and one was almost at the tip of my rod. I spotted a really big one who was just laid up but was right into the teeth of the wind. The first attempt was well short so the next try I really hauled on it and hit him right on the head and you know the rest of the story. He blew out of the country like he was shot out of a cannon.

Being back here on Andros at Hanks is almost like coming home with all the friends I have made here through the years and they treat me like family. Even my old friend Gogie came cruising up to the dock in his new boat and said he heard I was back and gave me a chocolate cake to welcome me. He was heading out fishing in the dark hours and I’m sure we will have fresh mutton snapper tomorrow.

The short stay at the Orange Hill Hotel in Nassau was great. Rick who is the manager remembers me well and is superb at getting things arranged like getting a taxi at 5:30 am. This is a small family owned hotel located just 2 miles from the airport which makes it very convenient.

Jim and Sandy are arriving tomorrow and I,m sure he’ll want to go to the Big Labowski Flat which I named after him and never touched today —– honest.

Anishka, who is Hank’s pretty young niece and is a ramrod of this place would like to send greetings to all from Andros Island, Bahamas.


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