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Fishing Report: May 12, 2020

The last week has been perfect spring weather. Snow, thunder storms, rain, sleet, wind, and some sun. The nights have still remained close to freezing here at the shop with lower temps from East Bank access up river. The wind has been our biggest enemy (and the virus) but the river is low and clear for this time of year. The high snow is still there so we are anticipating a jump in the river sometime in the coming weeks. For now the fishing has been hit and miss. The river has been fishing decent in most stretches from Mudd Creek all the way down to Glen. The best flies have definitely been dirt snakes, the San Juan worm. Hands down, Red has been the best color. There have been a few rising fish eating blue wings, march brownes and the occasional caddis in the soft water. A skwalla pattern is also getting a few fish up. The streamer fishing has been decent, but not consistent day to day. The dredge is still the most effective way to fish them, moving the bugs slowly across the bottom and down the seams. We are anticipating the mothers day caddis hatch is right around the corner, and I will make a post as soon as it does. Lia and I will be on the Smith next week, but Al will be here at the battle station.

The weather looks like its going to be a bit more of the same this coming week. The river dropped hard as the irrigation ditches opened up in the valley’s, but look for another spike in the next week or two. The spike will likely dirty the water slightly, which I like for streamer and nymph fishing.

We are still unable to take clients from out of state that have not completed a 14 day quarantine, and we are waiting for answers about when this will change. The shop is running shuttles with proper PPE for the drivers, and maintaining social distancing in the shop as best as we can.

Good luck out there and please stay safe, the last thing we need is another shut down, so we are taking the precautions seriously. Tight lines folks!


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