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All the gear is packed, the boat is full of gas and we’re out of here tomorrow morning. It will be tough getting out of Red Bays at low tide in the morning especially with the loaded boat but we’ll figure it out. So it will be Williams Island on New Years Eve and we will definitely celebrate it. We will be there four days, actually heading back on the fourth day. There are several creeks and inlets that we plan to explore and I’m looking forward to finding some of the tarpon and 70+ pound permit that lurk those waters. This is an adventure of a life time and the good lord willing, will not be the last over there. Bahamian guides Benri Smith, Tommy Key and Ricardo Mackey have all given me some very valuable information on where to go and what to be careful of. Weather conditions are not ideal by a long shot but close enough. If there is no report by Saturday—-send help.


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