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Family Visit

It's become customary on the Big Hole River Journal for clients to make entries from time to time. Today, Al took my wife Carla and I on a float trip down the Big Hole. After sleeping in we met up with Al and the rest of his crew down at the fly shop. Maybe I'm biased, but I don't think you'll meet a nicer bunch than those at the Great Divide Fly Shop. My hat's off to Art, Mindy, Jailee, and Jessica for making us feel like one of the family.

We started the float sometime after 10:30 or so, and with some quick mid-river lessons on fly presentation and getting that all important drag-free drift, Carla hooked into her first trout on a fly rod. I've rarely seen a person new to the sport of fly fishing start catching fish in the first thirty minutes. Whether it's a river side crash course or in-depth casting techniques and fishing strategies, Al has a gift for teaching, and Carla for learning.

My first fish of the day was a rare and unmistakable grayling. I had never caught one until today and was a bit confused until I noticed the unusually large dorsel fin. I caugth it on what my friend Adam so accurately calls a Shop-vac. I passed a sample of the Shop-vac on to Al, so if you want a description of one contact him at the fly shop. I caught another two trout on that fly and then switched over to a PMX with a compara-dun as a dropper. For the rest of the day, this was the winning combination. Trout, both rainbow and brown were sipping the compara-dun over and over again. All told, I think I caught about a dozen or so trout, and Carla caught about six.

We ended the day with a fabulous dinner at a little joint up in Wise River, and after I finish this entry we're headed home to Salt Lake City. It's just a shame that there aren't more software engineering positions in the thriving metropolis of Divide, Montana. I could really get used to calling this place home. Until next time, keep your rod-tip up.

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