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On Saturday Tommy and I went exploring to the very end of the north channel of the creek. It was a perfect day for that. Blue sky and just a slight breeze. Visibility was excellent which is very important as there are some dangerous rock bars in that country. You take out the prop or worse yet, the lower unit back in dat country and you be screwed mon. We found some great looking flats but not a whole lot of fish. There is very little wading back there as the bottom is mostly sharp coral and mud.

We did come across a huge mud as you will see in the pics. There had to be hundreds of bonefish to make a mud that big. Problem was they were in about 10 feet of water and we couldn’t get to them. That is the very first mud I have seen up Fresh Creek. It compared in size with some of the ones you see on the west side.

Hank and I had breakfast together this morninng. He suggested we go out again this week weather permitting. I think last time he put a whim wham hex on me. So this time I’m gonna make a quick trip up to Red Bays and get some of the magic potion to put on my bait. Then I’m gonna get a little look a like doll made of him and every time he gets a bite I poke it with a fish hook.


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