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Early October!

Fall is definitely our favorite time to be out on the water. The Big Hole valley is turning golden as the cottonwoods and willows adjust to a changing season. The river is in great shape for fall fishing; water temperatures are hovering at 50 degrees during the night, and slowly rising to about 55-57 during the warmest part of the day. We have seen fish rising to October caddis, ants and hoppers in the afternoons. The cool mornings have been productive times to drop small nymphs, and a few people are finding some fish moving on streamers. The river flows are holding at average for this time of year; it is still pretty skinny out there, so we still recommend rafts if you have them.

If you are considering one last float, this week looks prime. Shuttles are still available on a daily basis, and we have a few guides open over the coming weeks. Give us a call!

Flies: Rusty Trombone, Sparkle Minnow #8, Mini Dungeon, Black Wooly Bugger Orange PMX #12, Chubby (Orange), Rocky Mt Mint (Olive) #18 Slim Jim(Olive), Micro May (Olive), Purple Worm, Pheasant Tail FB


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