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Dog Days of August on the Big Hole and other related adventures

The spruce moths have come and gone.  This year was one of the best hatches that I can remember in terms of water and bugs.  With a good spruce moth hatch also comes drought.  The water has been getting warm these last two weeks, with a slight cool down in the last couple of days as the sky has graced us with some rain, finally!  The fishing  has been very consistent for myself and the other guides here at GDO.  The morning fishing has been pretty good on summer stones.  As the morning progresses, and warms up around 10:30, we are getting a great burst of trico’s until 1pm (depending on the wind).  After the trico’s there seems to be a lull until around 2:30 or 3:00, at that time, it is time to switch to terrestrials.  Big #12 and #10 hoppers have been our best, along with a black ant.  Some days, however, the #14 purple haze in the late part of the day have out fished the hoppers and ants depending on whether or not there are any clouds.  In the evening, look for the purple haze to come on stronger, as well as caddis and moth patterns anywhere from #16-#10.  I know this report seems scattered, but thats how late August always is.  The water is very low and we are not recommending drift boats anywhere above Browns Bridge, and even down there its at your boats own risk.

I was able to get out one day to fish on my own with my good friend Adam Bowe, owner of the Silver Bow Club.  We brought the go pro’s and got some great footage.  Take a look here.

In other news Lia and I have been fishing some of my old stomping grounds on the Blackfoot River, just outside of Ovando, MT.  I wanted to see some different water, and it turned out to be fantastic.  I sometimes forget how fun it can be to harass cutthroat trout in pocket water.  When they eat in front of the rocks instead of behind, and then get swallowed by a bull trout, its a rough life and I love it.  We floated 2 days from River Junction to Round-up.  Found all the species including one of my personal records.


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