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Diversiom Dams

Big Hole 165 cfs Beaverhead 572 cfs

While some irrigators are trying their best to help out during this time of low stream flow on the Big Hole others are grossly negligent and seem to have the attitude the river belongs to them and them alone. Such is the case when in the past week two dams were built up between Maidenrock and Melrose. One is at the mouth of the canyon where there is a big head gate on the east side of the river. Where there used to be a slot on the far right side to get through they came in with an excavator and placed a huge tree right across it to divert more water to the head gate. There is another one similiar to it further down river just above the Meriwether Ranch bridge. A local outfitter had an 80 year old handicapped person with him in the boat and it was a real struggle to get the boat and the person over this dam. This is totally uncalled for. I have sent a notice to the director of the Big Hole Water Shed Committee and the Big Hole River Foundation. The next step is the governor and if that doesn’t work, I’ll keep going. Some times just going through the chain of command just doesn’t work.

Now that I have said my piece I would like to report that fishing this morning was great with clouds and clouds of tricos.

Have a great day.


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