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Dangerous Channel

Big Hole River 4300 cfs

Just as you come out of the Maidenrock Canyon there is a channel on the left side where some would float through—no more. This is actually an irrigation diversion and the irrigators have put large rip rap where the channnel comes back in the river. When the river was super high you could make it but as it’s dropping you can’t. This was evidenced today by a drift boat that swamped there and is now lodged upside down a ways down river. I got with a rep from FWP and we are going to try to get a sign up by this weekend warning to stay out of that channel.

In other boating mishaps, there was a couple guys who stopped in the shop this morning and said they found a raft with broken oars drifting down the river just about Jerry Creek. I was in a hurrry this morninng so I did not get all the details what they did with it but they left their name and number at the shop and a fly vest.

When the clouds were over head today the fishig was good. When the sun was out it was bad. At least the river is dropping but the flow is still very high and the fish we got on top water were in tight. If you are not willing to sacrifice a few fly’s in the willows your not going to catch many fish.

Looks like another cooling trend coming, I think summer was yesterday. If you missed it in the office, it was great.


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