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Cuda Woman

Big Cuda

There she is again, cuda woman Sandy with a whopper caught on a fly. That’s Morten taking a close up shot. It was caught out near the reef. As you can see the ocean is really calm. It  has been very calm the past four days. Just the opposite when Erik and friends were here. It blew like crazy every day. Being the pro’s they are they still caught several bonefish and were able to do a trip to the Joulters.

I see where Erik said I was turning into a Bahamian.  He thought it was kinda funny when he saw me taping up a broken plug. I told him it was still good for a couple more fish. Actually I caught three more on it, so there.

Yesterday was super calm so we ventured way out in search of dorado. Mission was  to catch one on a fly. We did find some and within casting range but couldn’t get em to eat. Maybe try again tomorrow as forecast is for very light wind.

Hank got his twenty stitches taken out of his leg this morning. There are story’s going around Eva whacked him with a machete. Another one that  he got attacked while squatting in the bush by a wild boar. Another that he was bitten by a shark. Another that he was bitten by a king mack after gaffing it  in the boat. So which do you think is the real story?


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