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Cuda In The Big Hole???

Big Hole River 744 cfs

The fishing the last few days has been less than desirable. Maybe something to do with the full moon, who knows. I do know that is always a bit slower during the full moon.

We hooked into some nice fish yesterday with a small caddis pattern. Best one was in real shallow water and this huge brown stuck his whole head out of the water to eat that little fly. He hooked and blew up stream with his dorsal fin sticking out of the water, Sid never had a chance to turn him as he popped that 5x like it wasn’t even there.

A ways down the river Sid asked what that white thing was drifting under water. I said it looks like a dead fish. Problem was it was not drifting down normally but was kind of going back and forth and all over the place. As we got closer we saw this giant brown trout had a whitefish in his mouth sideways and must have been looking for a nice place to eat his lunch. He was holding that fish in his mouth just like a cuda holds a bonefish when he gets one, always by the side. I told Sid it looked exactly like a cuda with that fish in his mouth.

If your going to use the Silver Bridge landing be sure you have a 4wd vehicle to pull your boat out. A guy was in there yesterday with a 2wd pickup and tore the crap out of the landing trying to get out. Chuck finally had to pull him out. This landing is used a lot since the closure down stream. We had it in good shape when we had the excavator down there. FWP is not going to do a thing to improve it until September when they put a concrete pad in. One idea is to pass the hat to the many users to do a temporary fix.

The turd in turd and a worm is a big brown stonefly nymph.


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