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Countdown to Andros

By this time next week I hope to have caught at least a handful of bonefish, a couple cudas and maybe even a permit.

All is well on the island and the hurricane luckily passed far to the east of it.

Will be staying at Hank’s again (where else) and will be getting my email. I will also have access to skype.

As many of you know already, next spring the fly shop will be where I was before next to the Blue Moon in beautiful downtown Divide. Difference is this time I own it.

I’am looking for a windmill. Not a fake one just for looks but a real old authentic windmill that I would put to use. On that property in Divide there is an old hand dug well. I have an old photo showing a windmill on that well. I just think it would be way cool to have an old working windmill back on that site. So in your travels if you spot one, let me  know where it is and who owns it.


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