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Troy and Wendy were leaving on this afternoon’s flight.The plane didn’t leave til 3:20 so we figured we would get a couple hours at least fishing this morning. There was heavy cloud cover with a few scattered showers thrown in. The good thing was that it was dead calm and the flats were like glass. You couldn’t see much through that glare but you could definitely see tails and pushes and did we ever see them. Troy has been having a little trouble doing the trout set thing and losing quite a few fish. Today, his last day it all came together. There were two big fish tailing and rooting like crazy in ankle deep water. He put the stalk on them, got within range, made the presentation, did the strip set and got the biggest one. In no more than 15 minutes he had three more. All this took place on the Big Labowski flat and it was hot.

Herman went way up the creek today looking for permit and I’ll get a report from him as soon as he returns.

Temp. is in the mid 80’s and no breeze so it is pretty hot and humid.


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