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Cleaning Conch And A Monster Bonefish

I found out one thing the other day, it’s a lot easier to buy conch that’s already been cleaned. We found some nice conch and I wanted to clean them and make a conch salad for when Jim and Sandy arrived. Audrey offered to show me how and this was quite an experience. If you don’t know what your doing and get the conch slime all over you like I did it’s quite a mess. There is a way to do it without getting this stuff on you but I haven’t perfected that yet. I had this slime all over my shirt, my pants and you name it and it’s really hard to get off. Hank thought we were cleaning a couple hundred as it was taking so long and he was staying away thinking we were in need of some help. I was glad I did it as to learn how to if the absolute need ever arose. How ever like I said just buying them already cleaned is the way to go.

Art and I went to Somerset yesterday and found a couple nice schools of bones but they were real spooky. As we were walking back toward the beach I spotted three big ones. I made the presentation and as luck would have it the biggest one ate the fly. Art came over to watch and when I finally got him close enough to see him he was amazed. This is the second largest bonefish I have caught here and we estimated him right at ten pounds.

It’s a bit cloudy today but we’re heading north with the truck to Maestic Point and do some wade fishing on some flats there that Benri was telling me about.


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