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Clean Up

Yesterday it was a ANCAT clean up party in Fresh Creek harbor and up the creek. Small Hope Bay donated their dive boat and divers from there and from the dive club on the base worked the deeper water in the channel. Arlene’s young teenage son and nephews climbed in the boat with me and we headed up the creek to a flat which is covered with bottles.

Buckets, coolers, containers of all sorts were loaded with bottles. In about a 2 hour period we had that boat full with a dozen large garbage bags along with all the containers. From dry mangrove point going east for about a third of a mile, that flat is now clean. I figure 2 or 3 more trips like that and the entire flat would be clean. No more sneaking up on the elusive bonefish that turns out to be a Heiniken bottle.

Eric tells a funny story about his buddy on several occasions doing the heron-stalk on this bonefish in 6 inches of water next to shore feeding and it turned out to be a bonefish bottle. Heron-stalk is when instead of shuffling your feet and making a small wave which a fish can sense, you pick each foot up, point your toes down to slice into the water without making a wave, just like a heron

The bottle picking slowed up a bit when they started finding conch but we ended up with a big load. Folks at the government dock where we unloaded were amazed how much we had in that little boat.

Photos should be on soon.


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