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I received a fishing and weather report from Hank today on Andros but I just don’t feel like publishing it at this point given the weather here.

At the present time it’s -10 below and predicted to get to -25 tonight. Actually it’s a beautiful night with the full moon and all the stars. Amos and Allie don’t seem to mind it at all as they’re curled up on the porch on their respective blankets. On these clear super cold nights one can hear all sorts of sounds outside if one is so inclined to stand out there and listen for awhile. You can hear the pressure cracks on the river ice, owls hooting in the distance and the ever present coyotes with their lamentful yipping and howling. I remember a poem my old wrangler buddy Joe used to recite when it got really cold and we were on horses coming back from God knows where.

Cold, cold as a frog in an ice bound pool. Colder than the head of an eskimos tool. Colder than the bars of a jail house door. Colder than a kiss of an unpaid whore. Pardner, that’s cold.


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