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Calm Seas

Today was one of those days you dream about where the ocean even on the out side was almost dead calm and no clouds. I took Clay and Jane to Somerset which is a great place for novice’s because of the huge white sand flat and the fish are easy to see especially on a day like this. As soon as we got on the flat we started seeing bones. As with any beginner every thing goes to hell when the fish are coming right at you and it was no different today. They got numerous shots and even presented a couple that produced fish. I have been to Somerset many times but have never seen so many fish as we did today.

In the afternoon we went up Fresh Creek where Clay tied into a monster cuda on a needle fish pattern. He had him on for three super high jumps before he spit the fly. As we looked over the shredded fly we say that he had simply broke the hook. Even the steel leader was almost bit off. This was a big bad boy with an attitude.

We went diving yesterday in a place where Hank suggested to find conch and we found them so they had their first taste of fresh conch salad last night.

This evening they took the boat out with Gogie fishing for the ever famous mutton and grey snapper. I told them to be back by nine or just after so we could make Andros Night at Queens Park where they have all sorts of Bahamian music, food, etc etc. I think my girl friend will be there also.

Hank says that the hot fish off shore now are wahoo and dorado. If the weather cooperates on Sunday we’re going to try that just for some thing a little different. Hank hasn’t had a chance to go fishing lately so I told him I would run the boat and let him haul them in.


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